Ontario Snowboard will be running several Riders Days as part of the nationally recognized development program.

All Riders Development days require an annual Riders/Elleboard Training membership $20.00 + HST
Cost for registration per day is $30.00+HST for full day and $20.00+HST for half day
Lift Tickets are not included
Lunch is unsupervised

Location Date Time
Blue Mountain Dec. 29th 9am-3pm
Calabogie Peaks Jan. 27th 10am-2:30pm (lift ticket $25.00+HST)
Hidden Valley

Georgian Peaks

Feb. 9th

Feb. 9th


10am-3pm 1 hour supervised lunch (Lift ticket $45.00+HST)




Feb. 10th


9:30am-3pm (lift ticket $30.00+HST)

Boogie Mountain

Mount Pakenham



Beaver Valley

Beaver Valley

Craigleith Ski Club

Feb. 16th

Feb. 17th

March 3rd

March 3rd

March 11th

March 12th

March 16th

10am-3pm (lift tickets $10.00+HST)

10am-3pm (lift tickets $20.00 +HST)

10am-2:30pm (lift ticket $25.00+HST)

10am-3:30pm 1 hour unsupervised lunch (lift tickets $15.00+HST)

9am-3pm 1 hour lunch (lift tikcets $40+HST)

9am-3pm 1 hour lunch (lift tikcets $40+HST

10am-3pm (lift tickets $35.00 +HST) Meet in south lodge