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2019 Ontario Speed Series Age Categories
Note that 1st year FIS athletes may compete in the U16 age category as per the policy below however Snowboard Ontario will need to be advised of their intention to remain in the U16 category a minimum of 3 days prior to their first event or they will automatically be added to the Start List in the OPEN/FIS category.

Racing ages as of December 31st 2017
Age Category Age Year of Birth
U10 8 & 9 year olds 2009 & 2010
U12 10 & 11 year olds 2007 & 2008
U14 12 & 13 year olds 2005 & 2006
U16 14 & 15 year olds 2003 & 2004
OPEN/FIS 15+ year olds with FIS License
16+ / Senior and Masters 16+ non FIS, Seniors and Masters


This event category is recreational for current Ontario high school athletes that are NOT part of club or team outside of their high school. Athletes participating in the High School category will not receive coaching from anyone outside of their high school team coach.

All participants in the High School category are required to be members of Canada Snowboard/ Snowboard Ontario and hold a current  Basic Competitor License ($50.00).

Changing from Age Group Class to Open Class and back
Competitors who start the season registered in a specific Age Group will be allowed to move up to the Open Class during the same season. Ontario Speed Series Points earned in the Age Group class will be eliminated and the competitor will start from zero towards Ontario Speed Series Points in the Open Class.
Competitors who start out the season in the Open Class will not be allowed to move down to an Age Group Class until the following year.

SO Point Calculation

Athletes who compete in Snowboard Ontario Events will be eligible to accumulate points.  The purpose of the points is to rank athletes in Ontario and will be used to determine over SO Ranking and be sued as part of the criteria

As one of the criteria for determining eligibility for events with limited enrollment (e.g. Nationals)

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