SO Amateur Tour


Following the success of the Am Tour in 2014 SO has added a 3rd stop to the tour. 

The Am Tour stops are all regional Canadian Ranking List events, the CRL is used for event, team and funding selections. 

2015 SO AM Tour Schedule




January 18, 2015


Blue Mountain

February 1, 2015


Horseshoe Resort

February 8, 2015


Mount St Louis



Amateur Snowboard Slopestyle Athlete Guideline

Age categories

- 15 and under

- 16 and above

An amateur Snowboarder is defined by their abilities, not by their age. Having only two categories leaves the event open to all ages within that ability range. Younger athletes looking to challenge themselves or older athletes who are not experienced/ don’t have the physical abilities to be competitive in a pro or open event will now have the opportunity to compete in a progressive environment.

Amateur Slopestyle Tricks

Below is a general outline of the tricks that an amateur Snowboard Slopestyle athlete should be able to demonstrate. Any amateur athlete should be comfortable doing these tricks on Medium to Large terrain park features in a competitive environment. ALL amateur competitors should be able to do SOME of these tricks; most competitors will not be able to do all of these tricks.

Rails (M - L sized features)

Male ability (general guidelines):

- 5050 (switch and regular)

- Frontside and Backside Boardslides (switch and regular)

- 5050 (switch and regular) with a variety of 180 and 360 spins out

- Presses (Nose and Tail) with a variety of 180 spins out

- 180 onto a box or rail (switch or regular) with a variety of spins out

- 270 onto a box/rail (Top end AM trick, and/or onto a box or easier feature)

Female ability (general guidelines):

- 5050

- 5050 with 180 spin out

- Frontside and Backside Boardslides

  • Presses (Nose and Tail)
  • All of the above switch for top level AM, likely on boxes or easier features

Jumps (M - L sized features)

Male ability (general guidelines):

  • 180’s in any direction
  • 360’s in any direction
  • 540’s in any direction
  • Wildcat/Backflip
  • Any variation of an inverted 540 (Top end AM tricks)
  • 720 (Top end AM trick)

Female ability (general guidelines):

  • Solid grabs (held with pokes/tweaks etc.)
  • 180’s in any direction

- 360 (Frontside or Backside) (Top end AM trick)


Amateur Snowboard Slopestyle Course Guidelines


General Course Overview

An amateur Slopestyle course should have between 3 and 6 platforms (Jump/Rail sections) with 2 to 3 options of features on each platform. The sizes of the terrain park features should range from Medium to Large. Each course should have a minimum of one (1) jump with a medium and large option and rail/box options of- one (1) medium rail/box and one (1) large rail/box.

Ideally each AM course would have a Medium and Large feature option at each platform to cater to all competitors.

Rails/Boxes (Medium to Large in size)

  • Any box or rail style that is classified as a Medium sized feature
  • Any box or rail style that is classified as a Large sized feature
  • Having a box AND a rail option would be ideal

Jumps (Medium to Large in size)

  • Any style of jump as long as the size range is classified as a Medium or Large.
  • General distances should range from 25ft to 40ft and provide athletes with enough air time to comfortably perform tricks up to any variation of a 540.

The minimum standards of an AM course should be met; everything else is a general guideline to follow in order to keep some consistency in the courses from one resort to another. This still leaves a lot of room for park designers/ builders to create a unique park that is fun and within their budget. Jumps can be built in any style- table top, wedge, step up, step down, etc. Rails/Boxes can be any style- flat, up, down, flat-down, double kink, etc. and can also include Wall rides, bonks, or any other style of jib.