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Snowboard Ontario / Canada Snowboard Membership Registration

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All snowboarders are required to register and be a member of their Provincial/Territorial Snowboard Association in order to participate in ANY sanctioned Canada Snowboard activities.  This includes participation in anything from club training with a coach, all the way up to competing in a World Cup.

Your registration includes liability insurance to train, be coached, be part of a club and compete (but does not include supplementary medical insurance - this is SAIP insurance which can be purchased separately).

You'll also get access to a great member benefits program, offering discounts to a number of awesome companies.

Athlete - Basic Competitor License $50.00 (includes CS membership)
WHO? Any member who plans to compete in any club sanctioned competitive events (ie. CS Riders events, all sanctioned club activities, InterClub and local sanctioned events). As well as any **freestyle athlete competing in SO events 
*Not eligible to purchase a FIS license
*Eligible to purchase SAIP insurance

** Note for Freestyle athletes: if you wish to qualify for FIS events and wish to acquire FIS international points, you will require a FIS license and therefore must purchase an Advanced Competitor License.  

FIS License and SAIP Insurance - A FIS License is necessary for athletes wishing to compete in FIS, NorAm, and World Cup level of events. It is also required to qualify for the Canadian Snowboard Nationals in Alpine and Snowboardcross. National Freestyle championships will include a FIS category for those who are interested in FIS points.

SAIP (Sport Accident Insurance Policy) is mandatory for all FIS level athletes.

*FIS Licenses, SAIP insurance are purchased  from Canada Snowboard

Athlete - Advanced Competitor $165.00 (Includes CS Membership)
WHO? The Advanced Competitor License is required by competitive speed athletes who are competing in the SO Speed Series, and freestyle athletes competing in FIS events/Nationals. This license is required if you:

·         Are a snowboard competitor who requires a FIS license in order to compete in any FIS (international snowboard  federation) level events

·         Are an athlete competing in the SO Speed Series Alpine or Snowboardcross events

·         Wish to qualify for National Championships 

·         Want to qualify for the Canada Winter Games (every four years)

*FIS Licenses, SAIP insurance are purchased  from Canada Snowboard


All coaches, judges, and volunteers must become members of the Provincial (SO) and National (CS) Sport Organizations. The SO Membership includes membership with Canada Snowboard. This will ensure proper liability coverage while participating in all SO/CS sanctioned events (i.e. training courses, competitions, tradeshows and other events).

Members of the SO/CS can enjoy membership benefits such as free AOS T-shirt, electronic newsletters, retail sponsor discounts, sponsor specials, access to athlete health insurance and much more. Check our website regularly for new deals.

Coaches Standard Coach $85 / CAC Registered Coach $135.00 (includes CS Membership)
All CSCP Trained/Certified Coaches must become SO Members annually. Once your membership application has been processed you may purchase a Coach License directly from C~S. The coach License fee  ensures your liability coverage at all SO/CS and FIS sanctioned events.  Following your license purchase a Criminal Records Check as well as a Vulnerable Sector Search must be completed. Visit  to activate your license and to submit your record check

Officials $6.00 (includes CS Membership)
All Officials must become SO Members annually. Officials then need to register for their Officials License, which will ensure all certifications and events an individual has officiated are recorded and kept within the database. It also gives volunteers the ability to register for CS Officials Training Courses. Visit member services at  to activate your license and to update your account information.

You must be a licensed official to participate in on hill roles such as: Gate Judging, Starter etc or off hill roles such as timing, registration

Judges $16.00 (includes CS Membership)
All Judges must become SO Members annually. Judges need to register for the Judging License, which will ensure all judging certifications and events an individual has judged will be recorded and kept within the database. Visit member services at   to activate your license and to update your account information.

Please Note:

  • All members must agree to adhere to the SO Code of Conduct available under policies on our website.
  • Waivers are now completed at the time of registration
  • All SO members have access to extended health care under the Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) please visit  to purchase
  • All SO membership and license’s expire annually on June 30th 
  • Event registration and lift tickets are not included
  • All memberships/licenses and Event Registrations do not include HST